Here's how time-management experts get productive when they're overwhelmed by tasks.
Coconut, almond, soy, oat or other plant-based milks — should you buy it at the store or make it at home?
If your skin feels tight after washing, you might need to follow these dermatologists’ advice.
If your skin feels like it's on fire when you're anxious, follow these self-care tips from mental health experts.

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The convoy of truckers set to descend on Canada’s capital has prompted police to prepare for the possibility of violence.
President Biden previously said he would fill a Supreme Court vacancy with a Black woman, which would be a historic first for the nation’s highest court.
The president has previously met with at least one possible frontrunner while interviewing her for another position.
Democrats are taking tiny steps toward a compromise on a key part of the stalled Build Back Better Act.
Barletta, who is running for Pennsylvania governor, also had the PAC rent office space from his wife.
Opponents say the GOP-backed law would harm LGBTQ families and make teachers "fearful of providing a safe, inclusive classroom.”
Extra financial assistance is a big reason why -- and it will expire after this year in the absence of new legislation.
Authorities have found a total of five bodies, leaving 24 people still missing less than a week after the vessel capsized on its way to Florida from Bimini in the Bahamas.
She has accused the disgraced lawyer of stealing $300,000 of the advance she received from her book deal.
"She’s a heavy smoker," Kidman said in the joint interview. "That was a huge key to it."

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