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At HuffPost, we put people first. This means we believe that real life is news, and news is personal. Regardless of who you are, where you live or what you believe, HuffPost will help you navigate what's happening in the world and how it affects you. Your needs, passions, challenges and curiosity are the heart of all of our journalism. If something matters to you, it matters to us.

And we've redesigned our homepage for you: to showcase a wider variety of the stories we work hard to bring you every day.

As always, you'll find the latest news: what's happening at the White House and beyond, as well as the big stories that shape our lives. That includes the quiet housing crisis and the struggle for voting rights, and battles over health care, inequality and gender discrimination. And of course, the history-making presidential race.

But you'll also find a lot more stories about what's happening at your house: raising good kids, finding a therapist you can afford, managing your student debt. We know the day-to-day challenges of life are serious news too, and we are here to help.

Above all, you'll find stories about people. Manar Hussein, a Muslim woman who stood up to those who tried to intimidate her for wearing a modest bathing suit, and Jo Etta M. Harris, a Black woman who had the police called on her while nursing her child in her car. Or David Ledbetter, the teenager who had the bright idea to register people to vote while they waited in line for a coveted Popeye's chicken sandwich. People who, like you, want to make their lives and the world better.

What unites our journalism is our dedication to serving you, and putting your life at the heart of our storytelling. Welcome to the new HuffPost, where every day, it's personal.

Lydia Polgreen
Putting People First - In Practice

Whether it's through our news and enterprise stories, our Life coverage, or our first-person pieces, we cover what matters to you. Read some of our stories below.

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