The funding doesn't include any significant effort to address the root cause of the reef's demise: climate change.
A federal judge ruled that the Biden administration did not properly account for climate effects when it auctioned off millions of acres in the Gulf of Mexico.
The cause of the gorilla’s death was not immediately known though Ozzie began showing signs of low appetite last week, the zoo said in a news release.
Environmentalists are hopeful that the move deals a fatal blow to a Chilean firm's plans for a copper-nickel mine at the doorstep of a popular wilderness area.
Take 49 million gallons of water. Add air and mix thoroughly. Spray where ski area should go.
The big cat tried to be nonchalant, but a fight erupted anyway.
The new documentary follows Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) and Green New Deal activists as they fight against cynicism and intransigence.
The singer is backing her belief that climate change is a social-justice issue.
A Mexican gray wolf named Mr. Goodbar couldn't surmount mankind's "stark monument to stupidity."
Compost machines and living composters can help you repurpose food scraps, live more sustainably and grow seriously beautiful plants.
Democratic senators in the Commonwealth appear confident they can defeat Andrew Wheeler's nomination as the state's secretary of natural resources.
It isn't easy for an elephant to raise twins, but researchers are hopeful one mother named Bora can do it.
Take a swim from a penguin's-eye-view with this mesmerizing video.
A coastal wildfire in California, called the Colorado Fire, prompted evacuations near Big Sur.
“Following the birth, wildlife care specialists noticed that the calf’s condition began to deteriorate, including difficulty standing and not nursing,” the park said Thursday.
Twenty-one beaches on the Pacific coast of Peru were contaminated.
Gov. Glenn Youngkin has tapped Trump lackey Andrew Wheeler for the state's top environmental post. Agency staff say it would devastate the commonwealth.
Researchers hope to learn why the reef seems to have been unaffected by climate change or human activities.
Care staff say the apes at the Audubon Zoo are fascinated when it's time to bottle feed or change the diaper of an endangered Sumatran orangutan infant.