A shoddy editorial by the storied newspaper is at the center of a case that could impact press freedoms in the 21st century.
Comparing vaccine requirements to Nazi atrocities is "peak despicable," said one Twitter user.
What happened next might've been even stranger.
His father, Prince Charles, did the same thing a few days ago.
The decision follows a storm of criticism over OAN's promotion of lies about a rigged presidential election, COVID misinformation and conspiracy theories.
Following the murder of George Floyd, The Associated Press issued guidance that reporters should not describe instances where police shot someone with neutral language. It didn't work.
More than 80 fact checking organizations call the platform “one of the major conduits of online disinformation and misinformation worldwide.”
The Fox News host invoked a hypothetical Black man to stir up racist anger over coronavirus therapeutics, alleging "whites don't qualify" for the drugs.
The conservative host who regularly criticized Markle was booted from "Good Morning Britain." Now, he's threatening more mistreatment.
The "All Things Considered" host is leaving after nearly a decade on the radio show.
The judge upheld his earlier order preventing the Times from further publishing the memos, and also ruled that the newspaper must turn over physical copies of the documents and destroy electronic versions.