CNN's "K-File" resurfaced the top House Republican's comments to a California radio station just days after the Jan. 6 insurrection.
"I desperately wanted to be here to give him a hug a year ago and couldn’t, so we came down today to give him a hug," the officer's mother told CNN's Donie O'Sullivan.
As the U.S. stopped to remember the deadly insurrection, conservative networks and news outlets were eager to downplay the Donald Trump-incited violence.
Daniel Dale fact-checked the most enduring falsehoods, including one that is “almost insulting to Americans’ intelligence."
Cohen said he only regrets one dig he made during the broadcast with co-host Anderson Cooper.
"Ben Dover" and "Dixie Normus" piped up with tweets that scrolled along the bottom of the screen on CNN on New Year's Eve.
"If one person at your network has no integrity, that’s a problem. But if nobody has integrity, that’s a company policy.”
The veteran news anchor, who joined Fox News Channel in 2003, said he wants to "try something new" and "go beyond politics."
“When the target is a Christmas tree at their workplace, it is a sacrilege. But when the target is the seat of American democracy, it’s not," said CNN's Brianna Keilar.
Cuomo has been terminated "effective immediately" for his involvement in helping his brother, former Gov. Andrew Cuomo, respond to sexual misconduct allegations, CNN said.
Brian Stelter, the cable network's media reporter, said it's possible Cuomo could be back on the air next month.
The star anchor said he understands why he had to leave the network and that he never meant to "compromise" his colleagues.
"If some news channel intern did what Chris Cuomo did they'd have been fired one second after these docs were published," one journalist noted.
"The documents, which we were not privy to before their public release, raise serious questions," the network said.
New records reveal CNN’s Chris Cuomo was more deeply involved in making a defense strategy for his brother than what had previously been reported.
Trump is saying he has "a cloud of executive power that follows him wherever he goes," just like the "Peanuts" character, Asha Rangappa explained.
After the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine got approved for kids ages 5-11, Big Bird, from “Sesame Street” talked about the jab and provoked anger from “Fox & Friends Weekend”
John Avlon broke down why the former president's "big lie doesn’t have anything to do with the specifics of the 2020 election.”
QAnon followers gathered in Dallas, Texas thinking that John F. Kennedy and his son would reemerge and help Donald Trump reclaim the presidency, but no one ever showed.
“The worst part of what Tucker is doing is that we’ve already seen what his hate-filled rhetoric can do to America,” the CNN anchor said.