Donald Trump

"Oooh. Taking a shot at fiction, I see," one critic on Twitter mocked the former Trump White House counselor.
“Don Jr. couldn’t run a Dunkin’ Donuts," said the "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" host.
GOP Rep. Ronny Jackson's disingenuous criticism of Joe Biden's hot mic moment got the treatment from the "Late Night" comedian.
What seemed like political theater at the time actually violated state and federal fraud laws, according to current and former prosecutors.
University of California professor Barbara Walter said she'd have had a vastly different response to Donald Trump supporters' comments just a decade ago.
The late night host took aim at the former president's son's widely criticized appearance on Fox News.
“We will not be deterred by frivolous lawsuits," Letitia James said.
The ex-president's tee-off boast may be the strongest hint yet that he'll run in 2024.
"The Daily Show" host showed how Donald Trump would have handled Joe Biden's hot mic moment with Fox News' Peter Doocy.
The former president's son received a quick reminder about his father.
The late-night host finds a survey the former guy almost certainly won't like.
“Ivanka was like, ‘Come on, dude. You gotta do it,'" Falwell told Vanity Fair.
The comedian went medieval on the former president with a wizard parody.
The former president's spokesperson embraced the Green Bay quarterback's rant against Joe Biden to repeat Trump's lie about the 2020 election.
A Mexican gray wolf named Mr. Goodbar couldn't surmount mankind's "stark monument to stupidity."
A HuffPost investigation found hundreds of immigration cases where the ban irrevocably affected life — and death.
The "Late Show" host discovered that some details were disturbing, but also totally believable.
If Trump isn't in the mix, DeSantis receives 30% to Pence's 24% and Ted Cruz's 14%, according to new Harvard CAPS/Harris poll.
The late-night host said this moment suggests it might be time to ditch the family business.
That's bad news for Trump in light of the former attorney general's cooperation with the House committee investigating the U.S. Capitol riot.