Kamala Harris

The president has said he will run for reelection, and Harris will be running alongside him as his vice president.
According to a Capitol Police timeline obtained by Politico, the then-vice president-elect was evacuated seven minutes after the bomb was discovered.
The president and vice president will deliver remarks Thursday morning.
"Don't start talking like a Republican," the vice president said to the host at one point during the interview on Comedy Central.
The Fox News personality called Harris "completely incapable" in a racist takedown.
Some media reports have suggested tensions in the West Wing over Harris' job performance and suggested she feels sidelined.
The vice president went to high school in Canada, which means she's "not from this country in that sense," according to the Fox News host.
“I am confident, frankly ― not only optimistic, but I am confident that we will reach a deal," Vice President Kamala Harris said.
"With a woman and mother as vice president, I had hoped we would get a seat at the table. I just never expected that seat to be at my kitchen table."
Sunny Hostin and Ana Navarro were abruptly pulled off the air last week before a planned interview with Vice President Kamala Harris.
Watch the amazing moment that hosts Sunny Hostin and Ana Navarro were asked to leave the set of “The View” after testing positive for the coronavirus.
The shocking on-air moment came just before Vice President Kamala Harris was set to appear on the show.
The president said he will continue working "to define a path forward, including through potential further executive actions."
The "Fox & Friends" personality linked the world's woes with Harris flipping a coin for the kickoff of a game featuring her alma mater, Howard University.
Former President Barack Obama is the latest high-profile Democrat to appear in an ad to oppose the Republican-led recall election to oust Gov. Gavin Newson.
The State Department cited concerns of a "possible anomalous health incident in Hanoi" that delayed the vice president's trip.
The governor is in danger of losing to a Republican, creating serious implications for the Democratic Party nationwide.
Vice President Kamala Harris will attempt to reassure allies of American resolve following the chaotic end of a two-decade war.
Voters could oust Gov. Gavin Newsom next month and end up with a little-known Republican running the state.
The Republican-backed laws are designed to "make it harder for you to vote," the vice president told an audience at Howard University.