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Several small Pacific nations avoided any virus outbreaks, thanks to their remote locations and strict border controls.
The Kremlin also sounded a grim note, saying it saw “little ground for optimism” in resolving the crisis diplomatically.
The funding doesn't include any significant effort to address the root cause of the reef's demise: climate change.
U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres also called for the release of nearly $9 billion in frozen assets to pull Afghanistan’s economy back from the brink of a collapse.
Take 49 million gallons of water. Add air and mix thoroughly. Spray where ski area should go.
The Pope also has spoken of his own ministry to gay and transgender people, insisting they are children of God, loved by God and deserving of accompaniment by the church.
Amid the escalating tensions, Ukrainian officials have sought to calm nerves.
The big cat tried to be nonchalant, but a fight erupted anyway.
President Biden is tasked with establishing a strong western alliance against Russian President Vladimir Putin.
Moscow has denied it is planning an assault, despite sending an estimated 100,000 troops near Ukraine in recent weeks.
The couple asked for "respect" for their private decision "to end our marriage relationship by mutual agreement."
The West is nervously watching Russian troop movements and war games in Belarus for any signs that a new invasion of Ukraine is imminent.
Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said the "red" level wouldn't mean more lockdowns, but Kiwis should expect new restrictions for "some weeks" to come.
The order by the district with some 2 million residents follows a series of infections as China tightens anti-disease controls before hosting the Winter Olympics.
Russia’s Foreign Ministry rejected the British claim.
The Kremlin is keeping the U.S. and its allies guessing about its next moves in the worst security crisis to emerge between Moscow and the West since the Cold War.
A second strike, targeting a telecommunications building, killed at least three children and knocked the internet offline.
The relay will run for just three days and the flame will be displayed only in enclosed venues that are deemed “safe and controllable,” according to officials.
Twenty-one beaches on the Pacific coast of Peru were contaminated.
Antonio Guterres said his priorities are the lack of vaccinations, the need to reduce emissions by 45% and the “extremely unjust” financial situation that favors rich countries.