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The couple were first romantically linked in 2017 after meeting on a movie set.
The Equal Rights Amendment, which ensures women have equal protections under the law, should become the 28th Amendment of the Constitution this week.
While President Joe Biden rescinded the notorious Trump-era immigration policy on his first day in office last year, many families have not yet been reunited.
"Weaponized incompetence" — or "strategic incompetence" — is wearing women out, especially during the pandemic.
It remains unclear if possession of marijuana will still be subject to arrest.
Andy Cohen had called the reality star's posts "upsetting" and "disgusting."
The former world No. 1 appeared to be in a better place than she was last year.
Looming Supreme Court decisions that could scrap or fundamentally alter abortion rights have darkened this year’s commemoration of the landmark case.
The pair stars as brother and sister on Amazon's new emotion-filled dramedy "As We See It," which centers the lives of young adults on the autism spectrum.
The president has said he will run for reelection, and Harris will be running alongside him as his vice president.
Weigh-ins can sometimes lead to avoiding health checkups altogether. Here's how to ask your provider to skip the scale.
Don Huffines, a candidate with harsh anti-immigrant views, says dismissing Jake Lloyd Colglazier would be “cancel culture.”
The letter from the NAACP comes as President Joe Biden backs both the Freedom to Vote Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act.
Arizona is the sixth state to consider an S.B. 8 copycat bill that bans abortion around six weeks and deputizes private citizens to enforce it.
The second annual Gold List highlights Asian-led and Asian-created movies to remind Oscar voters to diversity and keep representation top of mind.
She told Vanity Fair about the pressure that comes from being half of a celebrity couple.
The 10 richest people in the world — all white men — have more than doubled their wealth during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.
Hardballing could make "situationships" and awkward "What are we?" conversations a thing of the past.
Don't feel like a failure for not making friends at your job. You don't need BFFs to be good at it.