Military diet plan substitute

By | December 25, 2020

military diet plan substitute

But it does need to be followed like a soldier follows orders. There are some rare exceptions for those of us that have dietary limitations. The recommendation is to follow the diet to as close as you possible can. But if you must, below is a list of all the foods you can use for 3 day military diet substitutes. Some of the foods can be swapped in order to make it vegetarian, lactose free, or gluten free. But we do want to make sure that the military diet substitutes do have close to the same amount of calories as the original food in the 3 Day Military Diet. You can always consult nutrition labels to make sure your military diet substitutes match the carbohydrates, fat, and protein of the foods that you are substituting.

Unknown April 9, at AM. Substitutions for Carrots : spinach, beets, bell pepper, small salad. Your replacement vegetable should weight the same. Unknown June 12, at AM. The Ice cream was a nice treat for sure. So can you drink water the rest of the time or are you restricting fluid intake as well? You really should eat this one. Grapefruit and baking soda creates more alkaline conditions in your body.

Plan military substitute diet

It is for this reason that many people want to know what substitutes they can use. So here are my questions: 1. Anonymous April 2, at AM. Rice cakes for saltine crackers are fair substitutions for the 3 Day Military Diet. You can say the same about military diet substitutes that are smaller than the original food item. The 3 Day Military Diet is simple.

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