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High carb plant based diet

Is it possible to go low-carb a plant-based diet? Eating fewer carbs is indeed harder when you’re plant-based since when you first give up animal products, there’s a tendency to pile on processed foods and carbs, and fill up on pasta, rice, cereal and crackers or chips. In some cases, the economic ease of eating… Read More »

Plant based diet in college

Play nice! If you want to prepare the night before, cover the heated mixture, and place it in the fridge overnight. Add salsa plant day, hummus the next. Powered by Social Diet. Photo courtesy of Simple Vegan College. This article is adapted from a column originally published in The Crimson White. In between classes or… Read More »

Treating hashimotos thyroiditis with plant based diet

The kinder you are to your gut, eating nurturing foods, taking probiotics, and undergoing infection protocols, the more you should start seeing an improvement in gut function. Join the course. It needs real food. Symptoms of B12 deficiency include fatigue, memory loss, heart palpitations, constipation or diarrhea, muscle weakness, and vision loss. Philadelphia: Lippincott. Sign… Read More »