Vegan diets with adequate growth and bone development

By | November 24, 2020

vegan diets with adequate growth and bone development

You may think of your bones as stable, rigid and steady. But they are actually in a state of constant flux, continuously breaking down and rebuilding. In the early part of life, they rebuild faster than they break down as the skeleton grows. With aging, though, the balance between bone breakdown and bone formation becomes harder to maintain. The key to protecting bone health in later life is to slow bone loss and to ensure good nutrition for so that bones can rebuild. As far as we know, vegans have no particular advantage in preventing osteoporosis. Here are the most important things to focus on. Several decades ago, vegan health professionals suggested that eating too much protein, like the amount that the average American eats, was bad for bones. The hypothesis was that certain proteins produced acidic conditions that helped dissolve bones. Two observations bolstered this theory. First, on a world-wide basis, populations eating the most protein have the highest rates of hip fracture 1.

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